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Creating Scavenger Hunts
for Family Fun

Do you need an idea to keep everyone entertained and want more than just a time filler, BUT a truly fun experience?


Entertaining and creating memories for the ones you love and care for should be fun, but if you are running short on time and creativity it can feel like a lot to try and pull together.


Let us help by finding a printable scavenger hunt for you in our expanding scavenger hunt library.


Our library is expanding with many more soon to be released scavenger hunts for all different entertainment needs and ages.


Everything from scavenger hunts for parties, to nature hikes, and creative learning.

Why A Scavenger Hunt?

  • Scavenger hunts are a great way to entertain all ages! They take the weird social pressure off at parties and get-togethers. 


  • You don’t have to worry about anyone being left out. Everyone has something to do, bringing everyone together for a memorable adventure and laughs. 


  • Scavenger hunts are great for parties, birthday parties, or you can have an impromptu hunt to bring some fun to a bored afternoon, hunts can even be used for creative learning. 

Ultimate Scavenger Hunts are developing a wide range of hunts to meet all your needs.

How it Works

Select Your Hunt

Choose the hunt to entertain your crew, AND let the fun begin!

Download the Fun

Get the guide and print out the printables.

Follow the Guide

Follow the guide step by step, or put your own flavor on it and tweak it like a recipe.

Make Memories

Enjoy and be warned, they are going to want you to do it again!

What's More Precious Than Creating Memories

Giving the one’s you care for the gift of an amazing time feels great for both them and you. It feels good to nail it. 


BUT, being creative might not be your forte, or perhaps you are full of creative awesome sauce and saving time interests you. 


You can bake without a recipe or you can find the recipe right for you and save yourself a bunch of time.


Ultimate Scavenger Hunts was created to share these recipes with you, to save you time and to share the fun.


What’s more precious than creating memories for family and friends?


Levels of Scavenger Hunts

Ultimate Scavenger Hunts has two style of hunts level I and level II. Learning hunts are also in the works. 



A level I hunt is good for impromptu fun. They require little to no set up or materials, other than the printable you download. These are great for rainy days, bored afternoons, nature hikes, etc.



A level II hunt is really the pride and joy. These take a few weeks for me to make (not you). These are scavenger hunts designed for parties. 


They will require you to roll up your sleeves and set it up. You will receive a list of materials, you will need to make or buy (there’s plenty of wiggle room here). 


I source most everything from the dollar store to keep it simple. These are challenging, full of laughs, and memories. They have become a family tradition around here.

Save Time

Making these from scratch can be a bit much if you haven’t the time to dream up entertaining ideas, create riddles, figure out all the materials you need, and then put it all together cohesively.


Every year this happens to me in creating these hunts from scratch. They have become a tradition here, and now the pressure is on.


It’s an amazing feeling to gift people with a great time, check out our scavenger hunt library to find the scavenger hunt perfect for you and your crew!


Let me help save you time so you don’t have to create the whole thing from scratch, though if that’s your thing we have a guide to help you with that too!


But for the rest of us, that need more time in our day.


Select the Type of Scavenger Hunt
Right for You

Level i

Spice up Bored Afternoons

These scavenger hunts have little to no setup. They include printables to set up a quick scavenger hunt for a fun afternoon activity

Level II

Scavenger Hunt Party

Level II scavenger hunts are designed for creating memorable great times. They are perfect for parties! These include printables and a step by step ebook. These require more setup & materials, BUT so worth it!


Creative Learning Hunts

These hunts are educational and are designed to make learning fun. These require little to no setup.

What's Inside

What’s included varies with specific hunt, but in general it looks like this. A level I have little to no set up. Level II are designed for parties and require more set up time.

Level I

  • Simple instructions
  • Printables for the game


Level II

  • An overview of the hunt 
  • Each hunt includes roughly 10 objectives
  • Step by step instructions of how to set up
  • Materials list
  • Completion Checklist
  • Tips and suggestions
  • Printable clues and riddles
  • Printable party decor 


Hi, I am Amber, a mom that loves creating scavenger hunts, it is kind of something I stumbled into. 


The kids loved it so much it has become tradition, and they keep me on my toes to keep making more!


I enjoy it because I like challenging the kids, surprising them, and creating memories. It’s fun to set these up and watch the kids have a blast and chatter about how they can’t wait for you to do it again.


I want you to experience that too! I know not everyone has the time, to make these AND it brings me a lot of joy hearing the fun you have created for your friends and family by using them. 


The library will continue to be added to as more are created, so keep an eye on it. You can subscribe below and follow us on Instagram.


xo - Amber

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