DIY Escape Room Ideas for Kids Party | No Box Games Needed!!

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escape room diy for kids

Here is a list of 7 unique DIY escape room ideas for kids party that is not a kit. 

These are clever escape rooms created from scratch that are more than in a box board games with clue cards and a timer.

These are real hands on escape room experiences that won’t bust your budget, that you can do at home.

Just be warned when you open this can of worms, they are going to want you to do it again. 

That’s okay though, because you just may fall in love with it too, as I have.

I searched high and low looking for at home escape room games that people have created from scratch, and it proved to be more challenging than I thought. 

Some of these charge for their printable guides and some are free, either way may they inspire you!

True DIY Escape Room for Kids Game

This list not of escape room games in a box, there’s nothing wrong with in a box kits, it just depends upon what you are looking for. 

The in a box games are designed more like board games with clue cards and timers, which is perfect for things like game nights and sleep overs.


Go Big for an at Home Escape Room for Kids Party

But, for a party I like to go bigger and create a whole experience that involves more than just the logical mind. Kids love to move and be hands on! That’s the beauty of making your own, there are no rules. 
Make it to suit your crew. You can pick a theme your kids are into, you can make it both active and mentally challenging.

I personally like to incorporate both physical and mental activities. Kids love not knowing what to expect next. In my games I may throw a kids vs adults challenge, kids love the chance to beat up on the grown ups, along with coded messages, riddles, games, and scavenger hunting for clues.

There are no rules make it into whatever you want!!

I wrote an article on how to take your game to the next level, here.

Making these things up from scratch can take a fair bit of work, so I have round up some amazing escape room ideas sure to inspire, that you can copy or download, so you can throw an epic at home escape room kids party in less time!!

Creating a game from scratch can take a lot of time, with set up being he easiest part. Getting inspired and lacing clues together to build an intriguing story may be more time than you have.

So no sweat, here’s a list of families that made their own escape room party at home games from scratch!

Whatever you choose it will be uniquely yours because no two people will set up their game exactly the same. Your escape room game will always have its own unique to you spin!

7 Awesome from Scratch at Home Escape Room Ideas for Kids Party – Sure to Inspire!


This is a creative escape room truly from scratch and gives their step by step. The play time is about 1/2 hour and is well suited for a less formal party, like a sleep over. Details at Hands On Teaching Ideas

escape room ideas for kids


I love this it just makes you want to jump right in, doesn’t it? It’s a bit spooky and exciting with creative code breaking, involved in this DIY escape room. I love that they used items they had around the house. They setup their escape room party in a small washroom. It looks like a real adventure to try and escape this clever room. The plans for this one are at Instructables.
Make your own escape room for kids party at home



I saw this picture and my mind started reeling with excitement and possibilities, I may just have to borrow this clue for future games. These incredible folks made a Stranger Things inspired escape room in their basement, details at Instructables
Ultimate kids party escape room at home


Blacklights are a great low cost tool for your escape room arsenal, and Harry Potter seems to be a popular at home escape room theme. Props to the decorating and cleverness of this escape room party, this message is just begging to be deciphered. Game details at theHouse of the Little Tomato.
Escape Room for Kids Party Ideas


This isn’t really fair, as this is my personal favorite, because I hosted it at our family reunion and it has a lot of fun and hours of entertainment making it great party entertainment. 
This is a backyard carnival with carnival booth games, silly string challenge, spooky mad house, and a spooky video to set the tone of this escape room. The kids have to play carnival games, scavenge for clues, solve puzzles, and survive the madness if they ever hope to escape!! There’s even a pinata involved.
This one isn’t a freebie, as it comes with printables, a complete guide, spooky video prop, and customizable party invitations to create a buzz. More details about the Carnival of Inescapable Fun, here.
List of awesome escape room party for kids at home



This just shows with a little ingenuity you can make an escape room party that don’t break the bank. You can use items you have around the house to create an exciting at home escape room for kids. This family made an escape room in their garage. Their biggest tip, video the whole thing to laugh together over the fun footage afterward!! More details at Board Game Geek.
Make your own escape room at home for kids party


Welcome to Nana’s created her own escape room for grandkids. It’s a treasure map mystery and she offers the step by step free for subscribing.

escape room DIY ideas for kids


Benefits of Making Your Own Escape Room at Home

Finding at home escape room games that are not a kit proved to be quite challenging, but these clever folks have created games from scratch that you can follow to make your own amazing escape room games at home.

You don’t have to break the bank with high admission fees of booking an escape room, or go crazy with expenses in making your own either. 

Our carnival escape room, was made from stuff around the house and the dollar store mostly, as well as most of these games sourced items from around their house.

With a bit of creativity, you can give your kids an amazing experience at home, with a super fun escape room party.

I love creating these games, because you can to create an imaginary world for your kids to step into and blow their minds with fun, excitement, and challenge.

When you make your own you can to decide how long you want the game to last, you can choose a theme that your child is into to make it extra special, and all without a hefty price tag.

Tips for Making Your Own Escape Room DIY

After years of doing this for my family, there are a few key ingredients to take your game to the next level, like don’t underestimate building anticipation and adventure, these tips work on any game you choose, more on that here.
And don’t forget about the escape room party invitations, FREE ones available here.

May you be inspired with these Escape Room Ideas for Kids to throw an unforgettable party!!

What theme would you like to turn into an at home escape room game for kids?

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DIY Escape Room Ideas for Kids Party

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