Carnival Party Scavenger Hunt

This theme has been among my favorites. It is like a carnival party, meets escape room, meets scavenger hunt!

The Inescapable Carnival is a carnival party with DIY carnival booth games that excites the kids, and that’s just the beginning. Make the kids mouth drop as they step into the spooky carnival with spooky carnival music, games, and lights. There’s a scavenger hunt challenge, they must complete if they ever hope to escape the traveling carnival. It’s easy to pull off with a few right elements and I will show you how. This is fun for the whole family!!

This includes scavenger hunt riddles, silly string challenge of kids vs adults, a madhouse, an optional spooky theater, pinata, and more.

Dazzle them with an evening of fun!!



Carnival Party Scavenger Hunt meets Escape Room Scavenger Hunt

This theme is among my favorites. It is like a carnival party, meets escape room, meets scavenger hunt! 

If you are looking to throw an original great time or something special for those you care for, but are running short on creative time to make a scavenger hunt from scratch, 

then this Inescapable Carnival scavenger hunt may be just what you need.

The Inescapable Carnival is a carnival party with carnival booth games, silly string challenge of kids vs adults, a madhouse, an optional spooky theater, and pinata.

Once the kids arrive, they can never leave AND are now forever a part of the traveling carnival. No one has yet to successfully escape.

If they are brave enough to try, they must work through the 

  • booth games 
  • puzzles
  • solve secret messages
  • silly string challenge 
  • pass through the madhouse unscathed
  • wallop the pinata to find the keys to freedom


The objective is to find keys necessary to escape, with the final key unlocking the entrance of the Inescapable Carnival. 

It’s incredible fun that’s perfect when you have a wide age span. We had children from 3+ to 15 years old, and the adults played too! 

The little ones are entertained by the carnival games, while the older ones (8+) work through the scavenger hunt, AND even the teenagers loved it.

What You Receive

An 80-page-ish ebook written in large easy to read font, which includes:

  • An overview of “the flow” of the hunt
  • Decor ideas
  • Game rules
  • Step by step detailed instructions
  • Materials list
  • Master setup checklist
  • Booth operation instructions
  • Printables and clues
  • Carnival decor printables
  • Carnival video
  • Carnival invitations that can be customized


What you need to know

This scavenger hunt is a level II hunt. Our level II hunts require setup time and sourcing of materials.

I want you to be aware setup time is needed. These hunts are designed for parties, to create fun memorable experiences that leave the kids begging for you to do it again.

There is set up involved, you will need to decorate your space like a carnival, make a madhouse (spooky darkroom) and set up 5 carnival booths.

The guide will provide you with plenty of ideas to decorate. You can go as crazy or minimal as you would like, it depends upon how elaborate you want to get with decorations.

I would recommend a minimum of 4 days to set up and spend a few hours each day to work on set up, so it’s not stressful.

One or two days to source materials, two days to decorate and make carnival objectives, and one day to put everything in place for the hunt.

This can be hosted indoors or outdoors. If indoors you need space for 5 table games, madhouse, and silly string war. Whether indoors or outdoors you need to have a lockable entrance.

This hunt requires obtaining supplies, like balloons, darts, a puzzle, toilet paper. 

You can check out the complete materials list here. I try to source most all items at the dollar store to keep costs low, but provided a list with Amazon links too!


Carnival Party Decor Ideas

It’s amazing what a few string lights, paper streamers, balloons, and a carnival soundtrack found on Spotify or YouTube can do to turn a space into a carnival. 

A laundry room, shed, or a black plastic make-shift room are all great options for a madhouse. 

We locked the backyard gate with a padlock and the players are instructed this is the only exit.

If an escape room carnival party scavenger hunt sounds like your thing, this hunt has been a favorite among our family and hopefully yours too!

A Sneak Peak at the Carnival Video: a prop for an optional theater at your carnival party.

You don’t need to set up a theater or use, this video. It is just an extra prop I have created to help you decorate and set the tone of your carnival party. You will receive this video as a download with your purchase. 


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