Frozen Party Scavenger Hunt | inspired by Frozen

Make your little ones dreams come to life, by throwing a Frozen party scavenger hunt. Filled with adventure, solving clues, finding hidden treasures, all to save the day and be crowned queen(s)!

A perfect way to celebrate a birthday, host a Frozen Birthday Day Party scavenger hunt, or throw a Frozen Party just for the fun of it for all the little princesses in your life!

Let us help you create a magical day by grabbing our printable guide including detailed directions and printable clues!



Give your little princess a wonderful day by giving her a chance to step into her favorite princess story to save the kingdom, free the forest, by solving clues and completing objectives. A Frozen scavenger hunt party, they kids work their way through the scavenger hunt to save the day, for their efforts they are rewarded at the end of the hunt by finding a note and being crowned Queen(s) along with receiving treats! What better way to celebrate your little princess. Throw her a princess frozen birthday party, or just an awesome day just because you can!

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